A Pioneer in Seating Integration

Starting in 1996, Camaco-Amvian has grown from a headrest structure supplier to a leader in seating solutions due to its core competencies in design, prototype, testing, production and logistics management. Over the last 18 years, the company has experienced exponential growth in the automotive industry by strengthening its global reach to include six countries with eight factories and four sales and engineering offices.

Extensive experience in automotive seating coordination with OEM and Tier 1 engineering teams comprises every level of product design and concept development, using CAD and reverse engineering, CAE/FEA simulation and optimization, as well as design and manufacturing process simulation - capabilities that are unsurpassed in the industry.

In 2017 Camaco-Amvian launched an aggressive program to cater automotive OEMS directly within India. Camaco-Amvian will be providing complete car seating solutions in India. The manufacturing for domestic OEM programs will take place at its Gujrat plant. The company is working aggressively to provide sub components of seating solutions within India to tier1’s. The Amvian India plant located in Gujrat is on track to clock sales in addition of INR 650.00 cr by 2020. The groups focus is on being a domestic market leader providing highly advanced seating solutions for the Indian automotive Industry.